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Group marketing plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Gathering showcasing plan - Essay Example The understudies with the province of Oregon will be a definitive clients as the organization looks for and assesses new pursuits. Battles that suit the understudies would be given the most elevated need contrasted with the projects that cook for everybody. The particular activities that the administration would take incorporate supporting exercises at Taylor’s Bar and Grill and Rennie’s Landing and empower understudies buy their items. The exercises would incorporate supporting a Mr and Miss College in the locale, a crusade that would cost a gauge of $3,000 including the arranging and grants to the victors. Understudies and the individuals who might want to follow the occasion, will be required to buy Hop Valley Brewing organization items as their passes to the occasion. This will be a one day occasion, beginning in the first part of the day and closure around evening time that day. This occasion will assume a huge job in advancing the company’s items. Arranging for a games day will be another feasible program to execute the advertising procedure of the organization. It is all certain that understudies and other youngsters either working or yet to join universities have a one of a kind like for games. Supporting a one day games occasions, that would be occasional, is an incredible program for executing the technique and get the required outcomes. To take an interest in the games, understudies will be required to buy Hop Valley Brewing organization items as their tickets. The champs of the games will be without given items and urge them to purchase a greater amount of the items for future odds of partaking in the games. There will be distinctive lager stands run by the company’s specialists all through the games. Bounce Valley Brewing Company supervisory crew will at long last take an interest in a fermenting celebration, an occasion that unites a large number of clients. The occasion that will be facilitated at Portland, Oregon’s

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Mean Girls

Superstar Culture in Mean Girls Mean Girls, composed by Tina Fey and coordinated by Mark Waters, takes Its watchers through secondary school from the point of view of Caddy Heron, a little youngster who never realized what â€Å"high school† truly implied. Upon appearance, she warms up to Janis and Diana, who were in the cliché â€Å"unpopular† swarm. They caution her to avoid â€Å"The Plastics†, an elite faction that incorporates three dramatization filled young ladies who are shallow, angry, and have horrendous perspectives that get their capacity and distinction from excellence and glamour.However, â€Å"The Plastics† request that Caddy Join them. Caddy, Janis, and Diana together plot against the pioneer of The Plastics, Regina George, the most immense of all. As a general rule, the additional time Caddy goes through with The Plastics, the more she starts to really get one. The Plastics themselves show how immense characteristics are shaped in superst ar culture, while the utilization of Caddy is the ideal case of how culture develops famous people to crush them spirit down. The Plastics took Caddy, somebody who was gullible and authentic, and transformed her Into something she Is not through the control of their own norms and rules.Celebrity culture vigorously depends on characteristics of control. This was done through consume book, and so on Rumors and lies are one are vigorously utilized in control. This is the encapsulation of big name tattle, appeared in Mean Girls through Regina George. Regina discovers Caddy really likes Aaron Samuels, her ex, and guarantees Caddy that she would converse with Aaron for her; in any case, Regina creates misleads Aaron; â€Å"She [Caddy] composes all over her journal ‘Mrs.. Aaron Samuels'. What's more, she made this tee-shirt that says, ‘l heart Aaron', and she wears it under all her clothes†¦She spared this Kleenex you utilized and she said she will do an African voodoo wi th it to make you like her†. Proof In nineteenth century writing Is given In Frankincense, when Victor Frankincense controls his beast through untruths: He tells his beast he would make a female ally for him, and a short time later proclaims â€Å"Bygone! I do break my guarantee: never will I make another such as yourself, equivalent in disfigurement and wickedness† and continues â€Å"to [tear] to pieces the thing on which [he] was engaged† (175).Both Regina and Victor broke their guarantees, building up a sort of conduct that is so centered around policing others, they nearly appear to forget about themselves; they are so bustling telecom what they despise, thus centered around utilization of their opponent with their detestable interest, they don't understand their own characters turn huge. They become so engaged in this thought, they can't recognize that this loathe they created is the sole purpose behind their violence and misery.This happens when one must u nderstand one's own character Is made from the demonstration of abhorring. It nearly appears shallow famous people In big name ultra love, yet detest, to be despised; yet they love the demonstration of abhorring, and utilize this hate to encompass their reality. This sort of â€Å"high school† demeanor loaded up with bits of gossip and Lies that Regina has exists in the big name world, and on the off chance that it proceeds, it will impact ill will and appall, that a universe of harmony, exactness, and love may never again be practiced. Another key to control is secrecy.There are endless instances of this in Mean Girls. For instance, the area of The Plastics when they are all on the telephone; When Gretchen was on the telephone with Caddy, it ended up being a three-route call with Regina, however Caddy didn't have the foggiest idea. This intricacy progress when watchers understand the young ladies are totally interlinked, all on the telephone with one another on discrete line s; Karen gets a call from Regina, requires her to be postponed, and continues to converse with Gretchen and says, â€Å"It's Regina, she needs to hang out today around evening time yet she advised me not to advise you†.This is like the topic of mystery in Frankincense: Victor states, â€Å"The world to me, is a mystery, which I wanted to discover† (26), â€Å"l have one mystery, Elizabeth, an appalling one; when uncovered to you, it will cool your edge with horror† (218), and he won't confess to the key to his crowd, instructing them to â€Å"listen quietly until the finish of [his] story, with which [he] is familiar with† (44). This is like Mantilla, where â€Å"[her father] has a mystery distress that wrecks [them] both: yet [he] must allow [Mantilla] to win this mystery from [him]† (47).The truth that one has a mystery, holds it crucial, and deliberately shields it from the world recognizes a sort of unmoral sin, or viable bad behavior; famous p eople permit these insider facts to inside decimate them like in Frankincense and Mantilla, or whether it makes their conduct increasingly forceful squeeze in Mean Girls, these mysteries can change and control others. In superstar culture, a mystery is a type of intensity, yet helplessness †a mystery itself could represent all that one can't see.The open explodes these privileged insights with insane thoughts and gives proof the speculations they anticipate onto it. The mystery could amount to nothing, yet everything, simultaneously. This is on the grounds that that a mystery exists. It doesn't make a difference what the mystery really is, on the grounds that the individuals who spread the information on the mystery structure its giant. The individuals have sufficient chance to take control, withdrawing all in all or people whether they need to make up talk, lie, come clean, say nothing, or add to the situation.The individuals are beasts, since they assume total responsibility for the circumstance. A case of this is the entirety of Lord's â€Å"fans† who (in all probability) made her hopeless on the grounds that they didn't support of the physical appearance of her sweetheart. [A closing sentence is required here] Manipulation is likewise procured through self indulgence, which is appeared in Mean Girls with the Burn Book. The Burn Book, which has a place with Regina George, is a book basically marked to menace her cohorts: it has understudies' photos with mean expressions, insider facts, and different things about them.Regina takes her book, puts her own image on it, and composes something mean about herself. She at that point reports it to her school's head and says, â€Å"l discovered it in the young lady's washroom! It's so mean†. This is like when Victor looks for compassion from Elizabeth in Frankincense: â€Å"If you comprehended what I have experienced, and what I may yet suffer, you would attempt to let me taste the calm, and oppor tunity from despair, that this one day at any rate allows me to appreciate' (222).In The Complete Poems and Selected Letters of John Keats, in a short sonnet called â€Å"When I have Fears†, self indulgence is requested when Keats shows he is in torment, enjoys the agony, and needs to be recognized for his torment: â€Å"Of the wide world I remain solitary, and think Till affection and distinction to nothingness do sink† (301). Much the same as Keats and Shelley, their own needs. Regina did this Just so she could get Caddy in a tough situation, Frankincense did this to make it appear as though it wasn't totally his shortcoming for the beast's activities, and Keats utilizes his fans' compassion to become liked.The open falls into a piece of this ultra, where one accuses another person; even the casualties themselves get accused for issue. Other than from big names' prosperity, looks, and riches, it isn't exceptional for general society to overlook that they are individu als, people, Just like them. People in general is basically giving occasion to feel qualms about a contrary eye themselves. Famous people have individuals who work with them to help shape their picture, yet the unimaginable guidelines of excellence and flawlessness they attempt to satisfy begins from the perpetual, unforgiving investigation the open spots upon them.When a big name breaks this picture, or varies from the standard, they consequently are viewed as colossal, bringing about jeering and debasing remarks from fans. This hulk on the big names counterly affects the fans; each time there is a mean remark, they are normalizing unforgiving Judgment, extraordinary responses, and hostile language. VIP culture assumes the fault on how people in general has built up a savage society, through self indulgence. Another nature of control utilized in superstar culture is faking their own guiltlessness; this is seen regularly in Mean Girls.Gretchen menaces Regina for disregarding the pri nciples of their â€Å"girl world† by wearing workout pants on Monday, and Regina lams she is compelled to wear warm up pants in light of the fact that, â€Å"sweatpants are for the most part that fits [her] at the present time', suggesting she is â€Å"innocent† on the grounds that it isn't her flaw she needs to wear those. Another scene is the place Regina claims blamelessness is during address, (â€Å"workshop†), in the rec center, after the Burn Book is found: Regina claims, â€Å"Can I Just state we don't have an inner circle issue at this school, and a few of us shouldn't need to take this workshops since a few of us are casualties in this circumstance? Regina infers she is â€Å"innocent†, and she herself is a casualty. The instructor reacts, â€Å"That's most likely lament, what number of you have ever felt by and by mislead by Regina George? † Actual honesty and faking blamelessness is an enormous job in Frankincense: however Victor cens ures himself for the beast slaughtering his family, regardless of his creation, he persuades himself that he is â€Å"innocent† and communicates how he feels like the person in question. Victor is an inconsistency: he is honest, yet, utilizes that to further his potential benefit to pretend his innocence.He is honest in light of the fact that he has never expected his creation to transform into a genuine type of immensity, yet, fakes blamelessness by his concealing his blame and concealing his insight about his family's demises. Victor's guiltlessness diminishes after some time all through the novel; his â€Å"UN-innocent† conduct annihilates the beast's blamelessness. Victor is performing

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Tips for Managing Public Speaking Anxiety

Tips for Managing Public Speaking Anxiety Social Anxiety Disorder Coping Print Tips for Managing Public Speaking Anxiety By Arlin Cuncic Arlin Cuncic, MA, is the author of Therapy in Focus: What to Expect from CBT for Social Anxiety Disorder and 7 Weeks to Reduce Anxiety. Learn about our editorial policy Arlin Cuncic Reviewed by Reviewed by Amy Morin, LCSW on February 24, 2020 facebook twitter instagram Amy Morin, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, author of the bestselling book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Dont Do, and a highly sought-after speaker. Learn about our Wellness Board Amy Morin, LCSW on February 24, 2020 Social Anxiety Disorder Overview Symptoms & Diagnosis Causes Treatment Living With In Children Jetta Productions / Getty Images Public speaking anxiety, also known as glossophobia, is one of the most commonly reported social fears.?? While some people may feel nervous about giving a speech or presentation, if you have social anxiety disorder (SAD), public speaking anxiety  may take over your life. Public Speaking Anxiety Symptoms of public speaking anxiety are the same as those that occur for social anxiety disorder, but they only happen in the context of speaking in public. If you live with public speaking anxiety, you may worry weeks or months in advance of a speech or presentation, and you probably have severe physical symptoms of anxiety during a speech such as the following:?? ShakingBlushingA pounding heartQuivering voiceShortness of breathDizzinessUpset stomach These symptoms are a result of the fight or flight responseâ€"a rush of adrenaline that prepares you for danger. When there is no real physical threat, it can feel as though you have lost control of your body. This makes it very hard to do well during public speaking and may cause you to avoid situations in which you may have to speak in public.?? Public speaking anxiety may be diagnosed as SAD if it significantly interferes with your life. Below are some examples of how public speaking anxiety can cause problems: Changing courses at college to avoid a required oral presentationChanging jobs or careersTurning down promotions because of public speaking obligationsFailing to give a speech when it would be appropriate (e.g., best man at a wedding) If you have intense anxiety symptoms while speaking in public and your ability to live your life the way that you would like is affected by it, you may have SAD.?? Professional Treatment Fortunately, public speaking anxiety is relatively easily managed using medication and/or therapy. Therapy Short-term therapy such as systematic desensitization and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can be helpful to learn how to manage anxiety symptoms and anxious thoughts that trigger them. Ask your doctor for a referral to a therapist who can offer this type of therapy; in particular, it will be helpful if the therapist has experience in treating social anxiety and/or public speaking anxiety.?? The 9 Best Online Therapy Programs of 2020 Medication If you live with public speaking anxiety that is causing you significant distress, ask your doctor about medication that can help. Short-term medications known as beta blockers (e.g., propranolol) can be taken prior to a speech or presentation to block the symptoms of anxiety. When used in conjunction with therapy, you may find the medication helps to reduce your phobia of public speaking.?? Tips on Preparing for a Speech In addition to traditional treatment, there are a number of strategies that you can use to cope with speech anxiety and become better at public speaking in general. Public speaking is like any activityâ€"better preparation equals better performance. When you are better prepared, it will boost your confidence and make it easier to concentrate on delivering your message. Whether you are giving a speech at a wedding, a shareholders convention, or in a college classroom, there are strategies that you can use when it comes to managing anxiety.?? Even if you have SAD, with proper treatment and time invested in preparation, you can deliver a successful speech or presentation. Choose a topic that interests you. If you are able, choose a topic that you are excited about. If you are not able to choose the topic, try using an approach to the topic that you find interesting. For example, you could tell a personal story from your life that relates to the topic, as a way to introduce your speech. This will ensure that you are engaged in your topic and motivated to research and prepare. When you present, others will feel your enthusiasm and be interested in what you have to say. Become familiar with the venue. Ideally, you should try to visit the conference room, classroom, auditorium, or banquet hall where you will be presenting before you give your speech. If possible, try practicing at least once in the environment that you will eventually be speaking in. Being familiar with the venue and knowing where needed audio-visual components are ahead of time will mean one less thing to worry about at the time of your speech. Ask for accommodations. Accommodations are changes to your work environment that help you to manage your anxiety. If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder such as  social anxiety disorder (SAD), you may be eligible for these through the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If there is something that would make you more comfortable during your speech or presentation, see if it’s a change that can be made. Ask for a podium, have a pitcher of ice water handy, bring in audiovisual equipment, or even choose to stay seated if appropriateâ€"whatever might make it easier for you to manage your anxiety. Don’t script it. Have you ever sat through a speech where someone read from a prepared script word for word? You probably don’t recall much of what was said. Instead, prepare a list of key points on 8.5” X 11” paper that you can refer to. Although using cue cards might be tempting, flipping through a stack of cards can be a distraction for your audience. Prepare for hecklers. Although it’s not likely that you’ll have hecklers at your wedding or 50th-anniversary party, criticism or difficult questions are always possibilities  in a business setting. Deal with a difficult audience member by paying him a compliment or finding something that you can agree on. Say something like, “Thanks for that important question” or “I really appreciate your comment.” Convey that you are open-minded and relaxed. If you don’t know how to answer the question, say you will look into it. Before your presentation, try to anticipate hard questions and critical comments that might arise and prepare responses ahead of time. Practice, practice, practice! Even people who are comfortable speaking in public rehearse their speeches many times to get them right. Practicing your speech 10, 20, or even 30 times will give you confidence in your ability to deliver. If your talk has a time limit, time yourself during practice runs and adjust your content as needed to fit within the time that you have. Lots of practice will help boost your self-confidence. Get some perspective. During a practice run, speak in front of a mirror or record yourself on a smartphone. Make note of how you appear and identify any nervous habits to avoid. This step is best done after you have received therapy or medication to manage your anxiety. Imagine yourself succeeding. Did you know your brain can’t tell the difference between an imagined activity and a real one? That is why elite athletes use visualization to improve athletic performance. As you practice your speech (remember 10, 20, or even 30 times!), imagine yourself wowing the audience with your amazing oratorical skills. Over time, what you imagine will be translated into what you are capable of. Not sure whether this would really work? Well, let’s consider the opposite. If you imagine giving a horrible speech and having terrible anxietyâ€"what do you think is going to happen? The cycle of anxiety in SAD is as much a self-fulfilling prophecy as it is a reaction to an event. Learn to visualize success and your body will follow suit. Develop a routine. Put together a routine for managing anxiety on the day of a speech or presentation. This routine should help to put you in the proper frame of mind and allow you to maintain a relaxed state. An example might be exercising or practicing meditation the morning of a speech. Putting It All Together Learn to accept some anxiety. Even professional performers experience a bit of nervous excitement before a performanceâ€"in fact, most believe that a little anxiety actually makes you a better speaker. Learn to accept that you will always be a little anxious about giving a speech, but that it is normal and common to feel this way.Set goals. Instead of trying to just scrape by, make it a personal goal to become an excellent public speaker. With proper treatment and lots of practice, you can become good at speaking in public. Who knows, you might even end up enjoying it.Put things into perspective. If you find that public speaking isn’t one of your strengths, remember that it is only one aspect of your life. We all have strengths in different areas. Instead, make it a goal simply to be more comfortable in front of an audience, so that public speaking anxiety doesn’t prevent you from achieving other goals in life. 6 Tips for Dealing With Anxiety in Public Places A Word From Verywell In the end, preparing well for a speech or presentation gives you confidence that you have done everything possible to succeed. Give yourself the tools and the ability to succeed, add in some strategies for  managing anxiety, and see how well you do.  For those in recovery from  social anxiety disorder (SAD), these tips should be used to complement traditional  treatment methods.?? The Best Self-Help Strategies for Social Anxiety Disorder

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Communication of The Hearing Impaired Essay examples

In America, English exists as the standard language. For that reason, it is understood that children will learn this as their primary language. However, according to the â€Å"National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders† website, â€Å"about two to three children per 1,000 are born deaf or hard of hearing†(Quick Statistics [NIDCD Health Information]) . Moreover, an article by Karen Kalivoda points out that â€Å"depending on the age of onset and the severity of the hearing loss, an individuals spoken language development may be radically affected†. Babies learn to speak by parroting the sounds around them; however, a deaf child does not hear these noises and, therefore, the child does not â€Å"develop their language† skills†¦show more content†¦Sign language teaches deaf children to use the other senses such as sight to communicate with others. ASL centers on several techniques such as â€Å"hand shape, position, and mo vement, body movements, gestures, facial expressions, and other visual cues to form its words† instead of sounds and tones in the spoken language (â€Å"American Sign Language†). To complicate matters in terms of language barriers for deaf students, the ASL does not â€Å"use suffixes or prefixes† or apply the â€Å"be† verb (â€Å"Why is English Difficult for Deaf Students?†). However, as the article points out, ASL does have similarities with the English language such as the â€Å"use of pronouns† and â€Å"exquisite poetry† (â€Å"Why is English Difficult for Deaf Students?†). Another source, Karen Nakamura, author of The Deaf Resource Library website, suggests that one of the barriers between the two languages occurs because they use different syntax. â€Å"ASL has a topic-comment syntax while English uses Subject-Object-Verb† (Nakamura). For example, I am a teacher would be signed: Teacher me or even Me Teacher† (â€Å"American Sign Language (ASL) Syntax†). Deaf children that are placed in a regular school setting often are accompanied by another individual known as an interpreter. The role of the interpreter breaks the language barrier between the â€Å"hearing† teacher and the â€Å"non-hearing† student. An interpreter’s role in the classroom is toShow MoreRelated The Benefits of Advances in Communication for the Visual or Hearing Impaired2777 Words   |  12 PagesThe Benefits of Advances in Communication for the Visual or Hearing Impaired Language is a means of communication that people use to interact with others in society. Generally, language comprises vocal sounds to which meanings have been assigned by cultural convention and often supplemented by various gestures. (Sharma, 30) For any normal person, language is no longer viewed as a tool to acquire: language is placed as a standard and basic skill, almost being considered given at birthRead MoreHow Does Music Serve In The Hearing Impaired Community?828 Words   |  4 PagesWhen discussing the realm of potential applications of music therapy in various populations; a group that may be initially overlooked would be persons who meet requirements that classify them as members of the hearing impaired community. This initial negligence to recognize the hearing impaired community as as population in which music therapy could serve an influential role, could be due to the instinctual assumption of music as a phenomenon of auditory perception that is fundamentally accessible onlyRead MorePsychopathology And Permanent Hearing Loss1403 Words   |  6 PagesPsychopathology and Permanent Hearing Loss in Pediatric Patient Population Laura Shipps Dr. Andrea Pittman SHS 508 – Pediatric Audiology 04/29/15 Pediatric Audiology and Psychopathology Permanent hearing loss at any age can be challenging; adults and children alike must adjust to the reduced ability to hear. Unlike adults, however, children are still learning the language and communication skills that they will use for the rest of their life. As such, hearing loss that occurs duringRead MoreHcs 245-Week 51224 Words   |  5 Pagescultural barriers that we might see on a routine basis; however there are still many more barriers to effective communication.   These might be more associated with physical and psychological barriers.   Here are two real-world questions that we most of us will encounter throughout our health care career regularly...  How might a provider communicate more effectively with a person who is hearing impaired? Also, how might a provider communicate more effectively with an adolescent versus an adult?   Paul WingRead MoreQuestions On Hearing Impaired Students898 Words   |  4 PagesThe majority of future educators in Idaho are unprepared to educate hearing-impaired students. When asked a majority of the education majors indicated that they would consider an ASL class to be highly beneficial to their degree. None of the existing ASL classes could be added as a requirement Marosi said she could design a three-credit ASL class specifically for future educators. Hearing-impaired students face significant challenges in the Coeur d’Alene school district and do not often go onRead MoreSentence Structure953 Words   |  4 Pagesof communication for everyone they are essential for the hearing paired. A more common run-on sentence is the comma splice—two independent clauses joined with a comma without a coordinating conjunction (and, so, but, for, yet, or, nor). EX: Gestures are a means of communication for everyone, they are essential for the hearing impaired. In other comma splices, the comma is accompanied by a joining word that is not a coordinating conjunction. EX: Gestures are a means of communication forRead MoreHearing Speech : Deaf And Deaf1659 Words   |  7 Pagesare alike, nor are any two families with deaf or hard of hearing members. Due to the various ways that hearing loss can occur, the occurrence of hearing loss in any one family can vary. There are families with deaf parents and hearing children. There are families with deaf parents and deaf children. There are families who have never encountered a deaf or hearing impaired person that suddenly have a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. Hearing impairment affects different families in different waysRead MoreWhat Causes Hearing Impairment1064 Words   |  5 Pages Hearing impairment results in a considerable degree of impact in education, occupation and other aspects in life. Because of lacking normal hearing as an important way to absorb information from the outside world, communication usually become frustrated for hearing-impaired students when interact with their peer. They showed lower self-awareness, self-management, frustration tolerance and impulsivity in their characteristics. Therefore, it is common to see emotional and social behavior difficultiesRead MoreSocio Demographic Profile And Nutritional Status Of Hearing Impaired1594 Words   |  7 Pagesof study : SOCIAL SCIENCE Title : SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE AND NUTRITIONAL STATUS OF HEARING IMPAIRED (DEAF) ADOLESCENTS Abstract Health status of a population is a significant indicator of human development. Like mortality, disability being a potential measure of health status of population has not received much attention in research particularly in the developing countries. Hearing impairment refers to both complete and partial loss of the ability to hear and research inRead MoreInternet Based Marketing Communications: An Analysis of the Disney Website1167 Words   |  5 Pagesthe general advantages and disadvantages of using Internet-based marketing communications and what general factors are essential for a website to be effective in terms of marketing communications practices and strategies? This work will additionally answer as to which of these factors does the selected company use and how does it use them and whether it uses them effectively? How does the website promote two-way communication between the company and the customer and how does the website gather information

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Racial Slavery and the Development of Our Nation Essay

The United States of America, a symbol for freedom and liberty throughout the world, was built upon the backs of millions of vulnerable slaves. By the time we became a country in 1776, slavery was engrained in many of our founding fathers minds as the source of economic wellbeing. Each state, community and individual had their own ideas about the institution and whether it was morally or constitutionally right. It is one of the highest debated topics in the history of our country. Slavery, controversial as it may be, was an integral part of the maturation of our young nation. Slavery has been in existence around the world nearly as long as humans have. But what developed in the New World was very different from what the rest of the†¦show more content†¦After they obtained their freedom and recognized that their limited â€Å"freedom dues† were inadequate to acquire land, many began to show their displeasure. Bacon’s Rebellion of 1676 was major weight added to the scale that shifted Virginia’s plantation labor from indentured servitude to African slaves. Confrontation between the Native Americans and settlers in western Virginia spearheaded an uprising that demanded Governor Berkeley to provide more land to the poor whites. Berkeley stood by his decision to maintain peaceful relations with the local Native American population, which sparked a series of uprisings and massacres that grew into full rebellion against Berkeley and his men. Berkeley fled when Nathaniel Bacon and his ranks burned Jamestown to the ground, which led to Bacon’s rule over Virginia for a short while until England sent warships to regain control. This conflict altered the planter’s view on indentured servitude, understanding that slaves could never become free men, demanding land and creating successful rebellions. For fear of civil war among whites, the elite planters helped launch us into a racially divided slave society. The rise in popularity of tobacco in the Chesapeake meant a need for more hands to cultivate it. This made the planters turn to the transatlantic slave trade. Slaves, compared with indentured servants, were much more beneficial to the owner. They were not protected under the law, andShow MoreRelatedThe Violence Of Black Americans Essay1532 Words   |  7 PagesWho are we? What defines us? In America, we are defined by our class, what we do and most importantly – how we look. Since the birth of our nation, a notion of â€Å"race† has been rooted to our core personas. In fact it can enforce stereotypes of class and careers. It is evident that Black Americans are un-proportionally living in poverty and without easy access to achievement. This harsh reality is not helped by our media-driven society. In a world so heavily integrated with mass media hysteria, weRead MoreSlavery During The 19th Century895 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the 1800’s to 1850’s, sla very was undergoing a huge development in which helped the nation to grow into what it is today. The United States was split into two sections, the north and south, over the dispute of slavery. The south sought to further slavery while the north was in favor of abolishing slavery. Around 1858, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, two politicians with completely different views on slavery fought each other with politicians trying to win the presidency election of 1860Read MoreThe Shaping Of Our Country1092 Words   |  5 PagesCeleste Munoz U.S History I to 1876 Mr. William Stowe 28 November 2014 The shaping of our country has been impacted by several different factors, each contributing to it in their own way. Four of the major pivot points that occurred consists of: Jeffersonian democracy, Jacksonian democracy, Civil War/Reconstruction, Revolution/Constitution. However one of them happened to be the most impacting which was the Civil War and Reconstruction. The American Civil War occurred during 1861 to 1865Read MoreThe Reconstruction Era And The Jim Crow Era1525 Words   |  7 Pagestwo films The Birth of a Nation and Within Our Gates making it a natural fit. The other topic that will be covered in this paper is the role and responsibilities of northern states during the reconstruction era. In this paper, Northern states will be defined as any state who supported the union during the American Civil War. Race relations in the United States is something that is relevant to both The Jim Crow and Reconstruction eras, but must be traced back to slavery to truly understand the contextRead MoreThe Impact Of The Atlantic Slave Trade Influence Europe Economic Growth And Market Development Essay786 Words   |  4 PagesLabor exploitation was the key for the effectiveness of european expansion in the new world and define slavery as a principal component for global capitalism until it was not longer profitable. The atlantic slave trade influence europe economic growth and market development to rapidly spread through the atlantic trade. It was a intense dependence on the triangular trade that made merchants made big profits at the expense of the exploited labour abroad. Merchants were involved in all three sidesRead MoreReligion And The American Society895 Words   |  4 Pagesfeeling of brotherhood and clarity. However, as the nation developed, issues began to divide the American conscious ness, and as America became divided on political issues, they also became divided on their interpretation of the Bible and how it should relate to the fate of the country. Because of the importance of religion in the American conscience, in issues of race and slavery, both groups that favored racial equality and groups that favored racial inequality utilized religious arguments in debatingRead MoreChange: Racial Tensions Since Obama’s Presidency1402 Words   |  6 PagesRacial tensions are a prominent issue in today’s society. Barack Obama being the first elected African American president has led America to a cultural evolution. As our country grows in diversity everyday it is important for citizens to recognize the change in racial tensions across the nation. Racial tension has always existed, especially here in the South, but it has changed particularly during Obama’s presidency. Racial tensions have changed in both positive and negative ways that affect eve ryoneRead MoreReparations : The Case For Reparations Essay1522 Words   |  7 PagesReparations† in agreement with Ta-Nahisi Coates. We have all sat through multiple history classes and learned about slavery, segregation, and the Civil War. We have all seen brutal movies and presentations based on racial injustices and the lack of equality. So often, we forget that these issues are still so present in our community. Slavery is illegal in the United States but other forms of racial profiling, insensitivity, and racism continue to be a recurring social barrier. Racism is still very much aliveRead MoreThe Foundations Of Racial Capitalism, Imperialism And Colonialism Essay1468 Words   |  6 PagesThe foundations of racial capitalism, imperialism and colonialism have significantly shaped the existence of African people, and those of the diaspora. As a result of these institutions, the history and implementation of slavery and colonialism have had lasting effects that are essential to the current position of Black folk in Africa and the diaspora; altering the way we view ourselves, our country and the world. Throug hout different moments in history, Black folk have equated freedom and liberationRead MoreThe Negro Digs Up His Past920 Words   |  4 Pagesmust restore what slavery took away, for it is the social damage of slavery that the present generations must repair and offset†. Therefore, I acquiesce with such statement, it is up to the present generation to fight, and to aspire on restoring what was taken away. As we acquired more intelligence, today’s generation must continue on indoctrinating one another on our true history. However, let’s not forget, slavery was not the onset of the Negro history; when in fact, slavery interrupted the Negro

Evaluation of Wikipedia Free Essays

When students are assigned research papers, very commonly, professors will say, â€Å"Whatever you do, do not use Wikipedia. † Many who research find this website credible, others believe its information is completely false. This essay will evaluate the efficiency of Wikipedia as an online resource for researching purposes; it will discuss the freedom to alter material, the credibility of the website, as well as what good comes from the use of this website for research means. We will write a custom essay sample on Evaluation of Wikipedia or any similar topic only for you Order Now Many people believe Wikipedia is not a good, or credible, source to be used for research. Much of this comes from the possibility it gives for people to alter the content of any material information offered by the website. Wikipedia â€Å"enables any visitor to a wiki site to edit, add to, and even delete the content of any page on the site. †(Miller) This is factual because Wikipedia gives the opportunity for any person to edit information on any topic. For protection it is recommended that we â€Å"remember to take a cautious view of what we think it tells us. †(Miller) The credibility of this website has decreased through the years thanks to professionals who have proved information in this website to be erroneous. This has obligated instructors who assign research assignments to restrict students from using this website as a source for information retrieval. Most teachers who assign research papers have as a goal to make students college ready in the sense of restricting students from plagiarism. â€Å"While supporting the goal of openness and verifiability, the username structure of the site provides complete anonymity for its editors and administrators, which renders the site constantly vulnerable to vandalism and fraud. †(Miller) We’ve discussed a variety of cons that Wikipedia has when used as a research resource, but there are also some good in this fast-growing website. One good that Wikipedia has is the numerous amount of information on many different topics that it provides; regardless of the lack of credibility in its information it is noteworthy that some information of all is in fact true. Another benefit that comes from Wikipedia is the list of languages it offers its information in. Currently Wikipedia offers ten languages in which the information is provided; this gives the possibility for individuals around the world to research through the content provided by this website. The freely editable nature of Wikipedia enables contributors, lay or expert, across the world to share their knowledge easily. † (Patient-Oriented Cancer Information on the Internet: A Comparison of Wikipedia and a Professionally Maintained Database). Through the above I have mentioned the freedom for altering material, the credibility, as well as some positive aspects that come from Wikipedia as a research resource used by many. From my past experiences I can rela te to events such as teachers not permitting me as a student to use Wikipedia as a research source. Also from the vast information that this website provides I have found information that I wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere, not that I can believe much of it though. This website is growing, it is those from around the world who give a taste of their knowledge to the world through this website who are making this growth possible, but many others share nonsense and pure rubbish which is what has brought down this website’s credibility, and if those great minds in our world don’t step up, the growth of this website will come to an end. Works Cited Miller, Nora. â€Å"Wikipedia Revisited. † ETC: A Review Of General Semantics 64. 2 (2007): 147-150. AcademicSearch Complete. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. Yaacov R. Lawrence, et al. â€Å"Patient-Oriented Cancer Information On The Internet: A Comparison OfWikipedia And A Professionally Maintained Database. † Journal Of Oncology Practice 7. 5 (2011):319-323. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. How to cite Evaluation of Wikipedia, Papers

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Movie Review for Motivate Your Employees produced by BNet Video for CBS Money Watch

The main issue which a lot of managers discuss as the controversial for them is the question of motivating employees. The video Motivate Your Employees is created by BNet in order to provide the answers to the question what necessary factors which can motivate employees for achieving their goals work and which aspects are significant to know for every manager.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Movie Review for Motivate Your Employees produced by BNet Video for CBS Money Watch specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Teresa Amabile, the author of The Progress Principle, and Lindsay Blakely, the Senior Editor of BNet, are invited to the studio to discuss the issue. Thus, the major problem for the discussion presented in the video is the question of how to motivate the employees effectively. With focusing on the information provided in her book, Teresa Amabile determines a range of aspects which can be considered as influenti al for increasing the employees’ motivation among which the major factors are accentuated. BNet is one of the most popular business sites which works in association with CBS Money Watch and specializes in the questions of business management that is why the material from the site can be considered as credible. Motivate Your Employees is devoted to the current problem connected with the field of the effective management. It is stated in the video that employees provide the best results of their working process when they are happy, successful, and highly motivated. Nevertheless, it is necessary for managers to pay attention to the aspects which can effectively motivate employees and stimulate them for reaching the best results in their work. It was very interesting to know that today 95% of managers really do not realize what aspects can motivate their employees inside organizations. That is why this problem requires its proper discussing. At the beginning of the conversation T eresa Amabile presents the most surprising and unexpected factor which can contribute to increasing the employees’ motivation and which draws the audience’s attention. Thus, Amabile states that the issue of making progress in work depends on ‘little things’ which form our everyday reality and influence our behaviour and actions. Small victories and any other little steps supported by positive emotions at workplaces can contribute to the larger progress. However, it is more interesting that the opposite side of this phenomenon is the fact that little negative things which can happen with an employee during his working day can influence his results more obviously, but negatively. The managers’ task is to create the positive atmosphere at workplaces in order to guarantee the employees’ high level of productivity. Moreover, Teresa Amabile accentuates definite factors which can be used by managers for developing the necessary encouraging atmospher e in the organization.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These factors are the recognition for the work’s results, set of clear goals, support of the positive interpersonal relations based on nourishers and interpersonal events, expression of respect and encouragement (â€Å"Motivate Your Employees†). Thus, it is stated in Motivate Your Employees created by BNet that today managers are challenged not only to organize their employees’ work effectively but also to motivate them to make the constant progress. The employees’ intrinsic motivation is based on those positive and negative ‘little things’ which happen to them at their workplaces every day. That is why the successful manager should concentrate on creating the stimulating atmosphere at the workplace, to encourage the employees, and to contribute to forming the supportive interpers onal relations between employees in order to develop the necessary conditions for their making progress. Works Cited â€Å"Motivate Your Employees†. The Live One, BNet. 18 Aug. 2011. Video file. Web. This essay on Movie Review for Motivate Your Employees produced by BNet Video for CBS Money Watch was written and submitted by user Kaleigh Clayton to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.